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Catalog PDF Generation

Coursedog’s Catalog product makes it quick and easy to generate a pdf and make it available for download by anyone navigating to your catalog. 

To generate a PDF of a catalog, head to Settings → Catalogs and click ‘Generate PDF’ under the actions tab of the catalog you wish to export. 

This will prompt you to generate the PDF which will be sent to your email. 

When you generate a PDF of a catalog, it will be made available to users in the footer of the public catalog.

When generating a catalog PDF, curriculum pages can now be added. The user is able to select "include departments," "include programs," and "include courses." The order of the PDF generated is: custom pages, department pages, program pages, and course pages. Courses and programs added to the PDF are restricted by the course and program filters defined within that catalog. 

For curriculum PDF's, the following fields are used:

For courses: Title is: {subjectCode}{courseNumber} {name} then Credits: {numberOfCredits} {description} For programs: Title is: {name} then Degree Designation: {degreeDesignation} {description}

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