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GENERAL ERRORS: FAQs & Troubleshooting

Table of Contents

Why aren’t fields populating properly?
Errors in Environment
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Why aren’t fields populating properly?


Academic Scheduling, Event Scheduling, and Curriculum Management must have the "Current Scheduling Term" field set in order to work properly. If "Current Scheduling Term" isn't defined, you might notice some fields don't save or display properly.


Sample Problem

If you don't have "Current Scheduling Term" set, and you manually add Departments in Curriculum Management (Curriculum Management > Settings > Departments > +Add a Department), the next time you log into the platform, the Department name might be missing (and its Unique ID displayed instead). 



Solution Overview

  1. When we see errors like this where year="" or semester="", the first thing we should check is to see if the environment is missing the current scheduling term field. 

  2. You can address this by opening the applicable program and going to Settings > Terms > Current Scheduling Term.

  1. Occasionally term data can become out of sync if an institution changes their semester values after the current scheduling term field has been set. If the courses and sections in a given term are incorrect or missing you should first try resetting the current scheduling term by changing it to a different value and then changing it back. This will fix the issue caused by the term data getting out of sync with the current scheduling term.



Errors in Environment

Problem Overview

If you see an error indicating "Something Went Wrong" when logging into Academic Scheduling or Curriculum Management, that could mean you haven’t yet set a “current scheduling term”. 



  1. Verify that there is a “current scheduling term” set. 

  2. You can do that by going to the product’s Settings > Terms > Current Scheduling Term (see above FAQ – “Why aren’t fields populating properly?” – for details).

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