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BOTTLENECKS: FAQs & Troubleshooting

Table of Contents

Understanding Bottlenecks
Finding Bottlenecks
Fixing Bottlenecks

Understanding Bottlenecks

What is a bottleneck?

Bottlenecks occur when one of the following conditions arises: 

  1. No room with the required capacity - This is detected when a section has an enrollment capacity greater than the capacity of any room in the system.

  2. Not enough rooms with the required capacity - Detected when a section requires a room with a minimum capacity, but other sections require that same room at the same time. 


Do you get a notification in the section editing modal when a bottleneck is created?

No. Bottlenecks are not displayed within the section editing modal.


Finding Bottlenecks

How can I view bottlenecks?

There are three different ways to view bottlenecks: 

  1. Home > Select Department > Select "Validate Schedule" > "Bottlenecks" Tab

  2. Optimizer > Section Optimizer > "Room Bottlenecks" Tab

  3. Optimizer > Section Optimizer > Results > Export > Room Bottleneck List


Can I create a report that captures all room bottlenecks?

Absolutely. To generate a CSV report, go to Optimizer > Section Optimizer > Results > Export > Room Bottleneck List


Fixing Bottlenecks

How can I fix bottlenecks?

The only way to fix bottlenecks is through trial and error. In other words: review individual bottlenecks and try out different fixes one-by-one to see which method resolves the issue. 


There are a few different solutions to consider when troubleshooting: 

  • Change room assignments to allow rooms with the required capacity to be made available.

  • Change section times to less popular times. 

  • Confirm accurate Enrollment Capacity. If there is an issue, amend section Enrollment Capacity to lower such that available rooms with lower capacity can accommodate those sections.

  • Confirm accurate Room Capacity. If there is an issue, amend room capacity to be greater to satisfy demand for sections with the needed capacity. 

  • If feasible, add rooms with the required capacity to satisfy demand.


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