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ROLLOVERS: Instructor Preferences Rollover FAQs


Can any school roll over Instructor Preferences using Coursedog? Or does it depend on your SIS?

You should be able to roll over Instructor Preferences in Coursedog regardless of your SIS, as Instructor Preferences is Coursedog-owned data. 

What will be the value of fields excluded from the rollover?

If a preference field is excluded, we will simply not copy it.

Can I roll over only course-specific preferences?

Yes. When selecting which preference fields should be excluded, you can exclude general preferences and only keep the selected course-specific ones.

If an instructor already has defined preferences for the "To Term", will the rollover replace them?

Yes. All preferences will be completely replaced for all non-excluded instructors matching search and filter criteria for the given "To Term" by preferences taken from the "From Term".


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