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SECTION EDITING: Unable to Edit Fields in Section Editing Modal

Table of Contents

Role-Based Access Control Permissions
Field Settings in the Section Template
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  • There are a few different settings that could prevent a user from being able to edit fields in the section editing modal.

  • This article outlines those settings/solutions, including: 

    • Role-Based Access Control Permissions

    • Phases

    • Field Settings in the Section Template

  • Most of these solutions require Admin permissions to review/update. If you aren’t an Admin but need help figuring out why you can’t edit section fields, reach out to your Coursedog administrator. 

Role-Based Access Control Permissions

  1. Determine the user’s assigned role. 

  2. Navigate to Scheduling > Settings > Roles. 

  3. Make sure the user has applicable permissions within “Course Editor”, such as:

    1. Edit Sections

    2. Edit Sections during Schedule Validation

    3. Edit Sections When Department Status Submitted


  1. Determine which Scheduling Phase your school is currently in, as different phases have different restrictions.

  2. Navigate to Scheduling > Settings > Phases and open the current phase to view details.

  3. Ensure that the user's role is permitted to edit the relevant fields for the current phase. Look at the “Editable” field settings associated with the current phase. 

  4. Verify if there are any field exceptions or restrictions within the phase settings that might prevent editing.

Field Settings in the Section Template


  • When the "Editable" box is checked for a field in its Question Settings and roles are defined, only the listed roles will be able to edit sections.

  • In which case, you will want to ensure the user’s role is listed. 

Steps to Modify

  1. Navigate to Scheduling > Settings > Templates > Section Template. 

  2. Check the “Editable” and “Editable by Terms” permissions for the field(s) the user is unable to edit to ensure it is editable for the user’s role and there aren’t any limitations related to specific terms. 

    1. A user will be unable to edit a field if “Editable” isn’t checked OR it’s checked and limited to specific roles, and the user’s role isn’t among those listed. 

    2. A user will be unable to edit a field if “Editable by terms” isn’t check OR it’s checked and terms have been defined, but the current term isn’t among those listed. 

  3. If desired, adjust the question settings to grant the user access to edit the field.

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