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SECTION DASHBOARD: Troubleshooting

Table of Contents

No Course Data Available
Instructors & Meeting Pattern Assignments Displayed Out of Order
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No Course Data Available

Problem Overview

All sections are missing from the Section Dashboard; rather than listing courses/sections, the page instead says, “There is no course data available for (Term)”.

Solution Overview

  • The solution for this is very similar to what’s outlined here. In short: term data is likely out of sync, which can be fixed by changing the Current Scheduling Term to a different value and then changing it back. 

  • An admin should be able to change the Current Scheduling Term as outlined here

Unable to Save a Section in the Section Dashboard

Problem Overview

Your role should allow you to save a section, but you are unable to do so.

Solution Overview

There are a few different reasons that would prevent you from saving a section. Please check each of the following:

  • If not all required fields are populated, you will not be able to save the section. 
  • If there is a "required rule" violation, you will not be able to save the section.
  • If the section number is not unique compared to other sections of the same course, you will also not be able to save the section. 

Instructors & Meeting Pattern Assignments Displayed Out of Order


  • When viewing a section in the section editor that is assigned multiple meeting patterns, the section editor does not display instructors in the order in which they are assigned to the meetings.

  • Within the below view, the instructor and meeting pattern data is stored in separate columns, and in this view, there is no relationship between the relative ordering of the two.

View Correct Instructor & Meeting Pattern Assignments

PATH: Scheduling > Section Dashboard > Open Section > Set Instructor Roles & Details > Select Instructor Name > Instr. Meeting 


Navigate to the above path to view the accurate instructor meeting pattern assignment for a section, pictured below.


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