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Setting up Roles in Curriculum Planning

Coursedog allows institutions to set a variety of permissions by assigning roles to their users, differentiating between a faculty that makes a curriculum request and an admin that manages forms and workflows.



On your dashboard, navigate and select Settings.

Then, navigate to Roles.

There are several, delivered user roles in Coursedog Curriculum Planning to select from or you may choose to design and add a new role if one is needed.


Adding a Role

If your institution needs to add a new role, you can do so by navigating to +ADD ROLE under the Roles tab.


Each configurable role allows or limits editing access to Coursedog functionality across the platform in each of the modules.  


The modules include:

  • Courses

  • Programs

  • Forms

  • Agendas

  • Settings

Each permission can have three values:

  1. Allow

  2. Deny

  3. Allow if (If a permission is set to "Allow if", there is a list of conditions that can be applied).

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