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Creating a What If Scenario for a Term

To create a what-if scenario, first contact your Coursedog Customer Success Representative. 

They will help you to create a copy of your term as follows:

1) Coursedog will turn your staging integration back on 
2) You'll want to reset your SIS QA database to make sure it is a clone of Prod or ask Coursedog to make sure that Staging is a copy of production. 
3) Coursedog will turn off the integration on staging so that you have an isolated sandbox to build the what-if scenario
4) If you eventually would want to push staging to prod, then you can alert your Coursedog Customer Success rep. 

Once data has been imported into your staging environment, you can start scheduling!

If you want to create multiple scenarios within that term, you can create a couple of What if scenario terms. To do this, fill out the fields below and make sure to set a unique term code. Setting a unique term code will allow you to have multiple terms that may have the same dates.  

You should then be able to start scheduling within the term. If you ever want that term to be pushed into production, just alert your Coursedog customer success rep and they can push your staging environment into production.

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