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How can I add NEW courses to the Curriculum Inventory?

In Class Scheduling,  you may take a course from the course inventory, and add it into the existing schedule. Note that this action requires your institution to set the following permissions to 'Allow': 'Course Editor' → 'Add Courses from Curriculum.'

If you are allowed to add courses from the curriculum inventory, you will see the following modal upon clicking 'Add Course' in scheduling.

From a technical standpoint, pulling from Course Inventory is readily available for Peoplesoft and Colleague (Non-Ethos) users at the moment. For other SIS (Banner, Jenzabar, Campus Management, etc.), a CSV upload may be required (template here). Please contact your Customer Success representative for further questions.

To add new courses that are not currently in the Curriculum Inventory we uploaded for you, follow the steps in this article. Note: please contact your Customer Success representative if you do not currently have access to the Curriculum interface.

Step 1: Access the Curriculum interface

Click the bento box and choose Curriculum. This is where you can access all your courses.

Step 2: Navigate to the Courses Area

Once the Curriculum interface loads, choose Courses from the left-hand navigation.

Step 3: Choose "Propose New Course"

Once you are on the Courses page, you will see all of your courses that are currently in the inventory. We will discuss later how to edit these courses, so right now, click on "Propose New Course."

You will want to choose "Course Curriculum Inventory Maintenance" from the drop down and choose SUBMIT.

Step 4: Complete the Entire New Course Form

If the REQUIRED fields (indicated by a red asterisk) AND the Credit Hours are not completed, the course will not show up when you go to add the new section. Additionally, any field you wish to pre-populate in the section editor in Coursedog MUST be completed.

Once you are done, click on "Submit Proposal." We already placed a workflow with 0 votes required, so there is not real approval needed, the submission will autocomplete and you are done. Note: if this workflow is not set up, contact your Customer Success representative.

Step 5: Add the Course in Course Scheduling

Now that you added the course, you are able to add it to the section schedule in Coursedog. In Class Scheduling, select Add Course from Course Inventory and search for the course you desire.

Editing Existing Courses

To edit a course, go back to Curriculum and choose Courses. On this page, you want to find the course you wish to edit. Click on the "Edit Course" button.

You will know you are in EDIT mode when the green bar appears across the top of the page as shown below.

Once that notifier appears, you can make the changes you need, then click on "Save Changes." You will see the changes once you return to the Scheduling product in the course editor.

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