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How Can I Manage Linked Sections for a PeopleSoft School?

Creating Linked Sections

  1. The first step in creating a linked section relationship in Coursedog is to create the sections that will belong to the relationship.

  2. After creating a section save the section so that it may be sent back to the SIS. The SIS will then generate a CLASS NBR for the section which will populate in Coursedog following the nightly sync (e.g., this value should be visible in the Section Editor 24 hours after the section is saved).

  3. Navigate to a pre-existing section in Coursedog and open the section editor modal. Then, scroll down to Relationships and select '+ Linked Sections.'
    Note: As outlined above, all sections in the relationship must already have been created in Coursedog and synced with PeopleSoft.

  4. Complete all relevant fields in the 'Edit Relationship' modal.

    • When adding sections to the relationship be sure to select the '+' button. Otherwise, the relationship will not be built

    • Combined max enrollment: Section Max Enrollment Sum: 0. If the Combined Max Enrollment sum is not set, the value will be defined as the sum of the max enrollments of all sections in the relationship. Note: for Linked Sections only.

    • Relationship Options:

Same Time, Same Day, And Same Room

This is also known as a Shared Space or taught together relationship. These sections are supposed to be taught at the same time and day, and in the same room. 

With this relationship all Double Booked Instructor and Double Booked Room conflicts will be ignored.

No Relationship

If a user wants to combine two sections that have different meeting patterns, they must set the "Relationship Type" to "No Relationship," which is the same as setting the "Skip Meeting Pattern Edit Flag" to "Y" in PeopleSoft.    

If this is not done, the relationship will not be able to be created in PeopleSoft.


  1. Confirm that the sections in the relationship have identical instructor, meeting pattern, and room assignments, as applicable.

Note: Coursedog does not automatically copy professors, rooms, and meeting times from one section to another in a relationship, and we suggest users do that manually (or wait for the nightly merge to sync the section data from PeopleSoft).

  1. Relationships sync on a nightly basis and require 24hrs to be reflected in the system when real-time integration has been enabled by your institution. Once synced, the below will be displayed:

Deleting Linked Sections 

  1. You can delete one of these relationships by clicking the red delete button within the relationship.

    Note: If you delete a linked section, the relationship will be deleted for the section and the sibling automatically. For example, if BIO1300 - 001 and BIO2200 - 001 are linked, and you delete the relationship from the BIO1300 - 001 Section Editor - it will automatically be deleted for BIO2200 - 001.


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