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Why are my meeting patterns showing up as non-standard?

Custom vs. Standard Meeting Patterns

When you set a meeting pattern in the section editor, you have two options:

Use standard meeting patterns:

Use custom meeting patterns:


If you assign a custom meeting pattern to a section, it will be considered as non-standard (even if it is comprised of the same days and times as an existing standard meeting pattern) but this will be fixed during the nightly sync with your SIS. If your integration is not turned on, however the meeting pattern will continue to be considered as custom. To fix this manually, simply delete the custom meeting pattern and add the desired standard meeting pattern.

A similar issue will occur when you add a new standard meeting pattern. That is, any sections that are assigned to an analogous custom meeting pattern will remain custom until a sync with your SIS.

Improper Meeting Pattern Groups

Another reason your meeting patterns may be considered non-standard is if your meeting pattern groups are not set up properly. One common misconception is that a meeting pattern that meets once a week would satisfy the conditions of the following meeting pattern group:

To be specific, a section scheduled to meet only on Monday from 8:00-10:50am would be considered non-standard because the above group has Monday through Friday set as its default meeting days. That is, in order for a section to satisfy this meeting pattern it would have to meet from 8-10:50am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. In order for the above pattern to work for a section that meets once a week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday there would need to be 5 different meeting pattern groups, each with a different default meeting day.

Unsatisfied Meeting Pattern Group Filters

Finally, in order for a section to be considered standard it must satisfy all fields that are built in a standard meeting pattern group. For example, even if a lab section satisfies the times and days specified by the following meeting pattern group, it will be considered non-standard as its section type is not “Lecture”:

To see a meeting pattern group’s details, click the group info button in the top right corner of its card:

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