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WORKFLOWS: Event Requests Stuck in Workflow

Table of Contents

Adding a Workflow Step Deadline
Don’t Forget About Dynamic Steps


Wondering why your event requests are not making it through the approval workflow? The most likely answer relates to deadlines in your workflow steps. Unless a deadline is specified in each workflow step, inactivity from the workflow participants will have no impact. For example, when an event request reaches the following step only one of the participants needs to make a decision, and the request will continue through the workflow accordingly. However, if the two participants neglect to vote on the request, nothing will happen and the event request could be forgotten. 

Adding a Workflow Step Deadline

How To Do It

  • We recommend adding a deadline to every workflow step to ensure this problem does not occur. 
  • To do so, click the blue EDIT button on the top right of the workflow card.
  • Scroll down in the settings on the left-hand side, and check the box that reads “This step has a deadline”. 

Additional Note

The great thing about deadlines is that you can decide what happens when the deadline is enforced. For steps that are important and approval is necessary, we recommend choosing "Return the request to the previous step" or "Return the request to its author". This ensures the request is still active and allows other participants to step in and help re-spark the approval process.

Don’t Forget About Dynamic Steps

  • Dynamic steps are a very powerful tool when used correctly. 
  • Dynamic steps are generated automatically based on the room or resource requested for the event. However, dynamic steps still require set-up.
  • To make sure your dynamic steps work properly, it is critical you have gone into the Room/Resource Settings for your institution and added participants and deadlines in their Workflow Settings. 
  • When a request reaches a dynamic step, it functions the same as a normal workflow step. 
    • If the deadline is not defined, the request could be forgotten. 
    • Make sure to configure the workflow settings before trying to add dynamic steps in your workflow.

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